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Martyn Prince

artist, writer and model maker

A simple website...
Just scroll down to see examples of my work.  I take commissions, so please get in touch if there's something you'd like. Custom models, paintings, wood burnings and even bespoke dolls house items are all available. I also do a lot of work with reclaimed materials - especially books that have been cast aside.
My writing doesn't appear here anymore, but if you'd like to know more about that, just shout.

(there's a contact form at the bottom)

Oil paintings 

Book art 



Bespoke box work, name plates, portraits, key rings and all sorts are available. 

Box art #1

Boxes come in all sizes and I buy stock according to customer needs. The box above is a fairly standard 14cm/9cm light pine (Hobbycraft) product. I then get to work on it using the wood burner.

£30 for a lid transformation like this. Price includes the purchase of the blank box and postage in the UK.

Box art #2

Another box transformation - this time a much larger version. The design is simple and the increase in cost reflects the cost of the box itself more than anything else. A fuller art transformation at this scale would cost a little more

£45 the one you see, rising to £75 for the detailed transformation like the one on the left. Price includes the purchase of the blank box and postage in the UK.

Box art #3

We start getting more detailed here and the prices rise with scale and detail. Probable best we discuss this via email...



All works are priced according to complexity and size (and raw materials). For example, this dinner plate-sized table mat with pagan design would cost...

£100 including varnishing, raw materials and UK postage.

Pet portraits

A lot of people have asked me about this so I am now offering a pyrography pet portrait service. Using natural wood, I will create a portrait of your beloved animal.

£20 for a standard size like the one in the picture. Wood varies a little in size and shape, but if there's a specific size you're interested in then please let me know.

Celebrity portraits and pictures

£25 for a 15cm plain pine disk with the celebrity/character of your choice. 


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